"Don't Let the DME Ruin Your PI Case!"

Prime Services

DME Observation

Defense Medical Examinations are designed for one purpose, to prepare the defenses expert to testify against your client.  We can help by sending a doctor to the exam who can observe, record and verify the defenses doctors findings.

QME Observation

In the California Workers Compensation arena, both sides are permitted to have a Qualified Medical Examination. However, the applicant has an advantage. 

 The applicant is permitted to have a representative present who is permitted to observe the examination and audio record.  

Record Review and Research


Medical Record Reviews are performed in order to determine the necessity of care in personal injury cases. Our doctors are Experts and can provide you with review of medical records in order to help strengthen your cases. 

Post DME Review

Our doctor will be happy to review the doctors report to find inconsistencies and areas that are not supported by the examination or actual findings.

Client Preparation

We will be happy to assist you in the preparation of your client for the evaluation.  Here are some helpful tips.

Expert Testimony

If your case goes to trial, our doctors can testify in arbitration or trial to help defend your clients claim for damages.