The Defense Medical Exam

Independent Medical Examinations performed by the defense are often times referred to as “Defense Medical Examinations.” 

PRIME is primarily designed to service our attorney clients in attending and observing these examinations with their clients. 

DME examinations are performed pursuant to CCP § 2032 and there are specific restrictions you can place on the examiner which help to protect your clients rights. 

The Response Pleading

One way to ensure that your clients are protected is to prepare a detailed “Response Pleading.”

The response pleading sets limits and boundaries for which the examination will proceed. It also places the defense on notice that your client will have a representative present as well as have the examination recorded.

You can see a sample response pleading in our Sample Documents Section.

What We Can Do

As a client of PRIME, we will help you every step of the way. 

Our staff will help you prepare your response pleading and will provide you with a doctor to attend, observe, record and report the examination for you.

The PRIME Doctor will then provide you with a report detailing the examination as well as provide you with opinions about what was omitted and left out of the examination based upon your clients injuries.

DME observations are available to you and your clients and are provided on an appointment basis. 

Please contact our office as soon as possible to ensure that one of our field doctors can attend or use the form below to schedule your observation now.

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Physicians Report of the IME

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