Doctors of Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic Observers

Chiropractic doctors are fully trained in the examination and diagnosis of orthopedic conditions. Especially those conditions that pertain to the spine. However any orthopedic problem of the body is commonly examined, diagnosed and treated by chiropractors. Prime provides Chiropractic Doctors to observe and evaluate most M. D. Orthopedic, M. D. Neurologic and D. C. Defense Medical Examinations.

Our DC Observers have successfully testified in deposition, arbitration and trial regarding their observations of M.D. evaluations performed by Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, etc. You can rest assured that our chiropractic observers will be adequate for the bulk of your cases. Remember the testimony needs only focus on the adequateness of the examination. Any standard of care issues can be set up by your testifying orthopedic expert. Please contact our office with questions. 

Medical Doctors

Medical Doctor Observation

In addition to other physicians, PRIME utilizes Medical Doctors as observers. Our medical doctor observers are general practitioners who provide observation to any medical specialty. In cases where a specialist is needed such as an orthopedic surgeon, we can provide that at an additional fee.  

PRIME Observation Fees

CAALA member discounts are available