Medical Record Review and Research

Medical Record Review

Medical Record Reviews are performed in order to determine the necessity of care in personal injury cases. Our doctors are Experts and can provide you with review of medical records in order to help strengthen your cases. 

Following review of the records you can use our doctors as Experts to testify for your clients during arbitration and/or trial. 

Additionally, our doctors can provide medical record review in order to help you draft strategies for direct and cross examination of treating physicians and/or testifying Experts.

Medical Research

Another aspect of medical record review is Research. In your cases, having appropriate medical research to support your arguments is invaluable. 

At PRIME, our staff doctors know precisely how to obtain the right research necessary for your cases. We will provide you with a personal consultation in order to determine which research would be most beneficial. 

We will then provide you with quality medical publication searches and provide your office with the most helpful research papers available to support your arguments. 

Quality research to support your arguments is often times the most powerful tool in setting your case up for success. 

If you are concerned about the facts of your case and would like an expert opinion regarding the medical records or you would just like us to perform medical research feel free to contact us to get started.

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