QME Observation

The Qualified Medical Exam


In the California Workers Compensation arena, both sides are permitted to have a Qualified Medical Examination. However, the applicant has an advantage.

The applicant is permitted to have a representative present who is permitted to observe the examination and audio record. 

There are specific guidelines which must be followed by the defenses QME in order for his findings to be admissible. 

If certain guidelines are not followed, his entire report as well as his findings will be considered inadmissible.

PRIME uses QME doctors as observers. Our doctors can attend, observe and record the examination in order to ensure that the defenses QME does follow the specific guidelines for the examination. 

If the defenses Expert fails to meet the criteria, our doctors can testify for you, leaving your QME’s report to determine disability issues. Please contact our office directly for QME Observation Fees.